Hey everybody I’m Rhonda, and I’m so excited to introduce to you a candle company that summarizes my journey and life experiences. I was born & raised in East New York, Brooklyn with my family who are of Puerto Rican descent. Growing up in Brooklyn, I have had my fair share of sunny days, dark nights, seasons, and reasons. (Haven’t we all?) Which in all has helped & guided me through many lessons and blessing in this beautiful thing we call life.

 This candle company will tell you my experiences growing up and in my present life as well. Some of the ideas that I have said out loud and some that I have thought to myself. Knowing now that everyone has had similar experiences, I decided to put OUR JRNY into the writings of my candles.

These candles will bring your inner voice to life and say what you are feeling & thinking. Some that will be the positive self-talk that we all need to hear, some that will add a little sarcasm and sense of humor to your day (You know we got to have humor!) Candles that will acknowledge & support your love ones, and some that will remind you of what was heard growing up in your household. Lastly, my candles will represent my love for music & my childhood memories in Brooklyn!

Creatively named & brought to life using the initials of my 3 beautiful children, the support of my wonderful husband and my New York State of mind. This is not just my journey, it's OUR JRNY!


Love & support one another.

Be safe!


Rhonda Quiles-Bent

Owner & Candlemaker